The goals of Schock Market are as follows: 

1)  Introduce citizens to claim markets.

2)  Improve our claim market platform.

3)  Demonstrate success in reforming and improving degraded commons.

4)  Forge relationships with those who can assist us in advancing the cause of these markets, in both public and private sectors. 


Schock Market has filed for patent protection on multiple aspects of its claim market system. 


Over thousands of years, open-air markets have evolved into the sophisticated markets we now find worldwide such as stock markets, bond markets, futures markets, and more.  

Claim markets represent a departure from this historical model.  Claim markets replace a single purchase transaction with a multitude of preceding claims. These claims are complemented with unique features such as time-on-claim, engagement value, benching, refinements, and more.  The result is a new tool. 

1) In the public sector, this tool allows market forces to guide society in the design of innovative products and services.  Price discovery, stakeholder discovery, ownership, and transaction acceleration are put to work challenging the status quo.  Activists on the outside of institutions, and stakeholders on the inside of institutions, may now blueprint and refine alternative solutions with financial outcomes and stakeholders revealed to governing authorities and the public prior to implementation. 

2) In the private arena, claim markets provide an opportunity to infuse the private sector with market guidance that heretofore has not existed.  Presently, market forces are applicable at the point of sale. Claim markets allow these same forces to be applied earlier, during the development stage of products and services.  The result is improved clarity, reduced risk, and better decision-making in the design phase. 

3) Claims were conceived as a method for preserving our natural commons worldwide.  The destruction of these commons and the wild species that inhabit them is a shared societal cost that fails to appear on ledgers in both the public and private arena. Claim markets provide a new opportunity to take full measure of the costs and opportunities resident in our natural commons.  If Schock Market can give a voice to endangered species, through claim markets, then we will have achieved more than we might have ever imagined.  

4) Claim markets allow society to combat possession dominance.  With claim markets in hand, challengers of the status quo are now equipped with the requisite data and stakeholders necessary to topple existing appropriators and implement change. 

The legacy of possession dominance cannot be overstated; it is one of unfathomable sorrow.  Throughout history, existing appropriators (everyone from kings to dictators, from union leaders to tax collectors, the rich, religious, powerful, and corrupt) have resisted change to such an extent that they have been dislodged, many times, only through the horrors of war.  Claim markets provide an opportunity to replace that tragic legacy with a new mechanism defined by democratic and peaceful change. 

5) Finally, claim markets hail from the field of economics.  They should be remembered as such.  They are an attempt to unlock an economic puzzle—tragedy of the commons—that has confounded man since the beginning of time. 

We invite you to join Schock Market.  We are the market, you are the key to changing the world.

Each claim market is a proposal.  It is a form of free speech.

Many obstacles stand between this free speech and actual implementation of the market proposal.  Some claim markets may be contrary to existing local, state, or federal laws, making implementation impossible without changes to applicable law.  Schock Market makes no representation as to whether any particular claim market will result in a public/private partnership, tax savings, voter initiative or any changes or outcomes proposed by market creator or participants.  Schock Market cannot guarantee that our market proposals will be implemented or that any payouts will be paid.

All participation is subject to the Market Rules, available