Schock Market is an online platform for launching proposals that improve society.  The platform makes use of a new innovation called reservation markets.  Reservation markets are a concept pioneered by the company founder, Spencer Schock.

Schock has founded two previous companies:  Schock Logistics, Inc. in 1995 and WindowAlert, Inc. in 2003.  Schock Logistics is a freight forwarder specializing in the transportation of end-of-lease office and medical equipment.  WindowAlert designs and manufactures products that help wild songbirds avoid windows.

Schock Market began with Schock trying to bring market forces to bear in defense of wild bird populations.  His original concept involved wagering on the migratory flights of endangered Red Knots.  The Red Knot makes one of the longest yearly migrations of any bird, travelling 9,300 miles from its Artic breeding grounds to Tierra del Fuego in South America.

During this period, Schock renewed a college interest in tragedy of the commons.  Tragedy of the commons is an economic puzzle that has confounded scholars since Greek antiquity.  Schock came to see the plight of the Red Knot (a failure of our commons) reflected in every aspect of society: government debt, corporate overreach, habitat destruction, and more.

Over a period of years, Schock worked on designing a new marketplace that might be applied to any commons in failure.  The outcome is the world’s first reservation markets.  These markets utilize unique tools such as reserve accounts, time accrual, engagement value, time banks, benching, and more.

Assisting Schock with development of Schock Market were two employees of Schock Logistics, Kevin Schook and Becky Weber.  Schook has a degree in Economics from the University of Michigan.  Weber has a degree in Chemistry from Willamette University.

Schook has been instrumental in testing designs, offering critique, and proposing improvements to reservation markets.  He was first to highlight shortcomings in early designs that may have allowed users to game the system.  Weber has provided key feedback related to accounting, user experience, and how voter initiatives might be structured.  Website design and additional critique have been the work of Five Talent, Inc., located in Bend Oregon.    

The company is located in Bend, Oregon USA.