Here is a way to get started at Schock Market in 7 steps:

1) Register for free at

2) Your account will open with $5 million dollars in your reserve account.  This $5 million is “play money.”  Like a board game, you will use it to bid on claims at Schock Market.  It is impossible to lose this play money at Schock Market. Even if you did, you would not owe anyone, anything. 

3) Navigate to Market Watch.  From here you may research different markets.  

4) Click the Trade tab within a market.  When you are ready to secure a claim, enter your desired claim price and click Preview Order.  Our system will notify you if you have bid too low to acquire a claim. It will also warn you if you have bid 20% above the average of other bids in that market.  

If you are satisfied with your bid, complete the transaction by clicking Submit.  

5) Once you have secured a claim, time begins to accrue on your claim.  Your goal is to acquire as much time as possible.  The more time you accumulate, the more cash payout you can earn.

6) If you bid too low, other participants can take your claim by bidding more for it.  This is called getting benched.

If you bid too high, you risk becoming ineligible for a payout.  Multiply your bid x the total claims in the market. This gives you a total market value.  Your total market value must be equal to or less than the actual privatization value of the market for you to receive a payout.

7) Markets that plateau in price are telegraphing an expected privatization value.  

At this point, trading may be halted by the market creator.  The market may then be relaunched as a reservation market for corporate bidders, and finally as a voter initiative.

If the voter initiative passes, participants that priced the market accurately are eligible for a payout.

There is no cost.  So the best way to learn is to plunge in.  You can do this. Good luck!


Each claim market is a proposal.  It is a form of free speech.

Many obstacles stand between this free speech and actual implementation of the market proposal.  Some claim markets may be contrary to existing local, state, or federal laws, making implementation impossible without changes to applicable law.  Schock Market makes no representation as to whether any particular claim market will result in tax savings, voter initiative, privatization, or any changes or outcomes proposed by the claim market and/or its participants.  Schock Market cannot guarantee that our market proposals will be implemented or that any payouts will be paid.

All participation is subject to the Market Rules, available